Selling on pattern|make

Here at pattern|make we try to keep it simple. Here are the fees for setting up a store and selling on pattern|make:

  • Registering as a pattern|make vendor: FREE
  • Customizing your pattern|make store: FREE
  • Creating products in your pattern|make store: FREE
  • Uploading PDF patterns to pattern|make for sale: FREE
  • Commissions to pattern|make for your sale: 3.5% + $ .25

After you have listed your products with appropriate file uploads to your store, they will be listed for sale in your specific store, but will also be included in the site-wide pattern search performed by the fabulous pattern|make crafters.

Once the crafter finds and purchases their pattern, they will receive a download link in their account. These links do not expire, and there is no limit on the number of times pattern|make crafters can download their purchased patterns.

As the store owner, you will have included your paypal email address in the ‘payout’ section of your store settings. This will allow for your portion (after the commissions above are allocated) of the sale to be deposited into your paypal account. These payouts will occur once per month per the current payout schedule. Please note: you will see PayPal fees for your portion of the sale (price of pattern less pattern|make commission) deducted as is standard for sale of goods and services, according to PayPal current fees. pattern|make will be responsible for the PayPal fees for the portion of the sale that is the commission.